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Disconnected Weird Issue - Deployment Manager Import

Disconnected Applications

Weird issue while migrating disconnected applications from one environment to another environment.


There were two disconnected applications with below names:
  1. RajivDewan
  2. Rajiv

There's no issue while importing first application "RajivDewan" but when you try to import another one "Rajiv" then you will face below issue :

com.thortech.xl.ddm.exception.DDMException: Object specified is invalid.Rajiv [ApplicationInstance]

This error comes at the time of importing application instance when application instance name is a sub-string of existing application instance name.

Do not create application instance with similar names to avoid this issue

  • Change the existing application instance name from the database for time being
  • Import the second application instance
  • Rollback the name of existing (old) application instance

There's a support note on this issue but that doesn't contain the workaround.

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