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OIM Deployment Manager Import DDM Exception Error

Sometimes we see a common error (refer below screenshots) while import the XML through Deployment Manager. On the screen it shows error: "Error encountered while reading the file."

When you see the server logs, you'll find below lines:

DDMException: Version m.n.o is not accepted by DDM Version a.b.c

This error comes due to DDM version mismatch. Error message tells you the DDM version of OIM Server and DDM version of XML. As per screenshot:

OIM Server DDM Version:
XML DDM Version:

To resolve this issue, you can edit the XML file manually and replace the existing DDM version with OIM Server's DDM version. It should look same as below screenshot:

On replacing the DDM version, save the XML file and try to re-import. It should work (always worked for me) ;)

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