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Migrate Weblogic Data Sources

I was working in an environment where we had multiple data sources in weblogic and we wanted to move these data sources from Dev environment to Stage environment. If we create these data sources manually then it would be time consuming and so many clicks, We can use APIs though. Anyways here are the steps which I followed:

Copied the data sources XMLs from /config/jdbc to /config/jdbc
Modified the /config/config.xml to add the entries of these data sources. It would be similar to below snippet (You can copy it from /config/config.xml):

 STAGE_CLUSTER: It's cluster name (target for data source) 

Modified the "XML File Name 1" and "XML File Name 2" to have the Stage JDBC URL, UserName, Password.

You'll face issue while modifying the password in XML files because it would be in encrypted format.
If you do not change password in XML file, weblogic will not allow you to reset the password from UI as well.


Go to Domain Directory and execute
Execute below command:
java -cp /server/lib/weblogic.jar:$CLASSPATH

Above command will return you encrypted string for password, paste the encrypted string in XMLs
Restart your server

Duplicate Entitlement On Rename

We have an OOTB job which creates/manages entitlements in ENT table. There's major issue associated with this job.

Job Description: 
It reads the data from Lookup which is there on the child form of Resource Object and "Entitlement" property is set as "True".

Issue Details:
Whenever we rename some entry in that lookup (child form lookup with "Entitlement" property set as "True") then "Entitlement List" job creates another entry in ENT table.

Expected Result: 
It should rename the existing entitlement.

Actual Result:
It creates another Entitlement with new name.

I found that there's no api published by Oracle to modify/rename the existing entitlement. There's one api "modfiyEntitlementlist" which is published by Oracle but it does different thing. Here's the description about the api from Oracle docs:

API Description:
Soft Deletes entitlement list row from entitlement list table by marking valid as 0 in the list of entitlements.