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Identity And Access Management - Rajiv Dewan

ForgeRock Identity Manager Console

Here are few screens of ForgeRock Identity Manager:

SSL URL:  https://hostname:ssl_port/openidmui 
HTTP URL: http://hostname:port/openidmui

Default SSL Port: 8443
Default Http Port: 8080

OUD 11g R2 PS3 Installation

Oracle Unified Directory:
  1. Installation
  2. Configuration  Click Here For Screenshots

Here are the steps for installing Oracle Unified Directory 11g R2 PS3:

  • Download and extract the software
  • Run the installer and follow below screens (make sure Java/Jre is installed before installing OUD)

All the packages were installed for 64bit. Click CONTINUE

For Configuration Steps, Click Here
For ODSM Integration, Click Here

OIM 11g R2 PS3 SYSADMIN Features And Screens

Here are couple of screens from OIM 11g R2 PS3 SYSADMIN Console:

Access Policy: Policy Owner

OIM 11g R2 PS3: Admin Role UI Feedback

I started exploring OIM 11g R2 PS3 and here's what I experienced during Admin Role creation:

1. Documents says if we create Admin Role related to User Operation like "User View",  "User Modify" etc, we can not select "Mandatory Attributes" and "System Generated" attributes under "Denied Attribute List" BUT I selected these attributes and UI didn't throw any error while selecting these attributes. 

2. I selected couple of attributes under "Denied Attribute" list but UI doesn't show that info anywhere on the screen. Even on the summary page, I don't see which attributes I have selected under "Denied Attribute" list. I feel that atleast summary page should display attributes information so that admin can really see what he is going to create.

OIM 11g R2 PS3 Self Service Console

Here are some screens from Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2 PS3 (OIM 11g R2 PS3 -

OIM 11g R2 PS3 Certification Matrix

Here's the link to download certification matrix for Oracle Identity and Access Management R2 PS3:

Certification Matrix

OIM 11g R2 PS3 Available

OIM 11g R2 PS3 ( is available for download:

Metalink ID: 20996201

Get SQL Connection for OIM Database

Generally we tcDataProvider to execute SQL query on OIM Database but sometime tcDataProvider doesn't help and we need java.sql.Connection. Here's how you get java.sql.Connection inside OIM:

java.sql.Connection connection = Platform.getOperationalDS().getConnection();