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OIM 11g R2 Interview Questions

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Basic Oracle Identity Manager Interview Questions

  • Difference between OIM 11g R1 and OIM 11g R2 ?
  • Difference between OIM 10g and OIM 11g R2 ?
  • What is Request Catalog ?
  • What is Request Profile ?
  • Difference between Application Instance and Resource Object ?
  • What are Admin Roles ?
  • Experience with UI Customization in OIM 11g R2 ?
  • Experience with ICF Connector ?
  • Experience in upgrading existing OIM implementation to OIM 11g R2 ?
  • List of connectors which you have worked on ?
  • High level steps for Custom Connector ?
  • What are Archival Utilities ?
  • How do you hide Admin Links for End Users from Identity Console ?
  • What are factors which one should keep in mind for upgrade project ?
  • How will you plan an upgrade project ?