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Configure Scheduler On Selected Node

I was looking for this info few years back and later I found that it was a bug with older versions of OIM 11g. Oracle provided the fix in OIM and OIM but couldn't look into this. Here are the steps:

Property : Scheduler.disabled
scheduler.disabled=true -> If you don want to run scheduler on any node
  1. Log in to the WebLogic Administrative Console > Environment -> Servers
  2. Select the managed server where you want to add the scheduler.disabled=false property.
  3. Click "Lock and Edit" and go to Configuration -> Server Start.
  4. In the Arguments box, type the -Dscheduler.disabled=true property, and click Save.
  5. Click Activate Change and Restart the managed server

Restart the server using node manager so that the newly added property is picked up. Restarting from the Command-Line Interface does not work. 

Ref: Oracle Docs