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OIM URLs for different pages of OIM and Forgot Password

I am just pasting few URLs for UI Customization in OIM. These are listed in Oracle Documents but I am just keeping it here for quick reference:

  • User Registration: /identity/faces/register
  • Forgot Password: /identity/faces/forgotpassword
  • First Time Login: /identity/faces/firstlogin?action=setchallenges

  • You can show/hide challenge question answers in Forgot Password Page 
  • You can add custom message in First Time Login screen (Screenshot attached) 
  • You customize registration page
If you want to add custom challenge questions, Go to Lookup: Lookup.Webclient.Questions and add your questions.  You may have to restart the server


It seems that we can add maximum of 10 questions for Forgot Password Functionality. I will confirm once I test this configuration.