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OIM Coding Standard: Do's and Don'ts

I am not an expert but here are few Do's and Don't s based on my experience:


  • Make use of Loggers
  • Use different level of Logger Level based upon data you want to print
  • Each method must have the "Entering" and "Exiting" statements
  • Must print atleast "User Login" in Entering Statement
  • Use organization specific package and class names
  • Maintain minimum jar files
  • Make minimum use of class variables
  • Make minimum OIM API instances or Database Connection
  • Each class and method must have Java Comments
  • Make use of Try/Catch and Throws/Throw for Error Handling
  • Use meaningful names for variables and java class
  • Make use of Lookups, System Properties for storing configurable parameters
  • Close the OIM API Instances and Database at the end of Operation
  • Must print the error message before throw statement and inside catch block


  • Do not hard code anything
  • Do not use System.out.println in Java Code
  • Do not print password in Java Code

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