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Catalog API: How To Get Metadata Associated with Catalog Item

Sample Code to print extended Metadata for Catalog Item:

List catalogMetadataList = catalog.getMetadata();

 for(MetaData metadataObject : catalogMetadataList){
String valueStored = metadataObject.getValue();
MetaDataDefinition metdataDefinition = metadataObject.getMetaDataDefinition();

String columnName = metdataDefinition.getDbColumnName();
 String description = metdataDefinition.getDescription();
String displayName = metdataDefinition.getDisplayName();
long id = metdataDefinition.getId();
System.out.println("Display Name :: " + displayName + " Value :: " + valueStored);
System.out.println("Column Name :: " + columnName + " Description :: " + description);
System.out.println("ID :: " + id);


Upgrade from OIM 11g R1 to OIM 11g R2

It will be useful while creating Approval Workflow in OIM 11g R2 iff you want to make use of the attached Metadata in your Approval Workflow .

You can also use the New Partner Link given by Oracle but if someone doesn't want to use that and wants to go with the existing approval workflow developed in older versions (old 11g R1) then they can just change the code little bit and everything will work for them.