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How to get LoggedIn User ID on Process Form

We need to see that who has modified particular field on Process Form or we want LoggedIn "User Login" on Process Form for some purpose

Here are the steps to accomplish the same:

Note: I am demostrating the solution using Process Task Adapter. You can use other options as well as per requirement

  • Create Java Code

public String printLoggedInUser(tcDataProvider dataProvider){
        System.out.println("INSDIE printLoggedInUser ");
        String loggedInUserID = "";
        try {
            loggedInUserID = dataProvider.getUserLogin();
            System.out.println("loggedInUserID :: " + loggedInUserID);
        } catch (tcDataAccessException e) {
        } catch (tcClientDataAccessException e) {
        return loggedInUserID;

  • Make JAR file and paste in /xellerate/JavaTasks directory
  • Create Process Task Adapter and map variables as below
                          Input - Adapter Reference - Database Reference 
                          Output - Return Variable

  • Build the Adapter
  • Attach your Adapter with a Task in the Process Definition. 
  • Call this task on Successful Updation of Attribute Task
  • Map the Adapter Return Value with 
  • Process Data -- Form Field say UD_TEST_LOGGEDIN 
  • Save and Test

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