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Oracle Identity Manager 11g Interview Questions

  1. What is Identity Management ?
  2. What all are the issues you faced in OIM 11g which were not there in OIM 10g ?
  3. What are difference between OIM 11g and OIM 10g ?
  4. What is Request Template ?
  5. Why we need Request Template in OIM ?
  6. Can we use OES /Authorization Policies to work at attribute level ?
  7. What is Notification Template and how it works in OIM ?
  8. Can we extend Request Models in OIM 11g ?
  9. How Request Datasets are related to Object Form ?
  10. What are the advantages of Request Dataset over Object Form ?
  11. What is the function of SOA in OIM 11g ?
  12. What are the steps and challeneges to export/import UDF in OIM 11g ?
  13. What are the benefits of OIM 11g over OIM 10g ?
  14. In OIM 11g we have UploadJar Utillity, what are the benefits of that ?
  15. Can we attach an image on Request Dataset ?
  16. What are the operations supportes in Event Handlers in OIM 11g ?
  17. Which class do you implement to create an Event Handler ?
  18. Which class do you implement to create a Schedule Task ?
  19. What is Authorization Policy in OIM 11g ? 
  20. Tell me atleast 5 good things about OIM which are not present in other IDM Products ?
  21. Difference between Approval Policy and Access Policy?
  22. Can we create Approval Rule using Java ?
  23. Can we create Approval Rule in Approval Policy using User Defined Attributes of User ?
  24. Steps to deploy Scheduler, EventHandlers and Approval Workflow ?
  25. What is the best practice to migrate code from one env to another env ?

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