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Identity And Access Management - Rajiv Dewan

Oracle Identity Manager Interview Questions

  • What are the steps to integrate Active Directory with Oracle Identity Manager ?
  • How will I configure Scheduler only on single node in a clustered environment which is having more than one node (OIM 10g and OIM 11g) ?
  • What are the possible ways to integrate Approval Workflow with a Resource Object in Oracle Identity Manager 11g ?
  • How Escalation and Remiders Notification work in Oracle Identity Manager 11g ?
  • How will you add additional fields on Self Register Form (OIM 10g and OIM 11g) ?
  • How Approval Policies are different from Access Polcies ?
  • How do we create complex rules for Approval Policies ?
  • What is the significance of "Create Reconciliation Profile" button in Oracle Identity Manager 11g ?
  • What are Object Reconciliation Rule ?
  • Explain the Architecture of OIM ?
  • How will be remove Validation for duplicate email address ?

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