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OIM - Provision Entitlement Programmatically - Error

For a PoC, I was trying to do provisioning of entitlement through APIs. While making the api call, I was getting error "Entitlement attribute not marked as key in reconciliation field mapping for ...".

I checked all the configurations, checkbox for Key was already selected. Tried with creating reconciliation profiles and restarting servers multiple times but didn't help.

I found the reference of the same issue in the following Oracle document under General Issues and Workaround section

Document was also saying the same thing that set the Key property for entitlement field. 

Finally I had to do reverse engineering on the API and found that it was an issue with Entitlement object which I was passing. It wasn't mentioned anywhere in the document that it is required to set few of the mandatory properties of Entitlement object and even the error message was misleading.

It took 2-3 hours to find the actual root cause but anyways I'm glad that it's working now, no need to open any new SR for this.

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