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Oracle Identity Manager : Application Instance Name Change

Sometimes while creating the Application Instance, we forget to give the name of Application Instance. We give display name but not application instance name. Name is not mandatory because if we don't give name, OIM generates the name automatically using Resource Object Name and IT Resource Name. It generates the name in following format:

Auto Generated Application Instance for Resource: <Resource Object Name> and IT Resource: <IT Resource Name>

Pain Point: OIM doesn't allow us to change this name from User Interface. We can change the APPLICATION INSTANCE DISPLAY NAME but not APPLICATION INSTANCE NAME :(

Steps To Rename Application Instance:
  1. Connect to OIM Database (_OIM) 
  2. Execute: Update app_instance set app_instance_name = '' where app_instance_name = ''; Commit; 
  3. Make sure that name is changed in app_inst_publication_vw as well
  4. Shutdown the OIM Server
  5. Clear tmp folder 
  6. Restart your server 
Step 4, 5 & 6 are mandatory otherwise you'll see exception whenever you go to Accounts tab and select that particular application instance