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DEMO: OIM - OPAM- OUD Integration

Got a request for OIM-OPAM Integration so uploaded a small video for the demo which shows how integration works between OIM-OPAM-OUD.

Details about the demo:

Must Have Criteria (*):
  1. User must exists in Oracle Unified Directory (OUD)
  2. User must be part of Employee group of Oracle Unified Directory (OUD)
OIM will be used for creating the account in OUD and assigning the Employee group in OUD.

I have used a user called "MMORGAN" who didn't exist in OUD before. I created his account and he was able to login to OPAM console but he was not able to see any service accounts for check-out operation; so I assigned Employee group in OUD and he is able to see service account "OUDAdmin" under "My Accounts" tab of OPAM.

I have used ICF connector to integrate OIM with OUD.

Demo: Click Here