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ICF Usability Issue

I was working with ICF Connector and faced some usability issue. In older connectors, when some operations don't get completed properly, we used to get proper responses like "CONNECTION_FAILURE", "USER_ALREADY_EXIST", "USER_ALREADY_DISABLED" etc. In ICF connector, though we have different responses in Responses tab but most of time, it returns only "CONNECTOR_EXCEPTION".
Task responses don't tell you anything about the cause of failure so it means every-time we are dependent on the connector logs.

We have defined different levels for OIM support L1, L2 and L3.  L2 people just use OIM UI to find the root cause of the issue as they are not OIM guys and L3 people go through the logs for finding the root cause.  But after using ICF connector, it seems that we'll have to remove L2 support from OIM projects and need to add more people in L3 support. ;-)